Daycare in Paramus, NJ


JumpinJax provides infants with a warm, safe and caring environment.  Every infant has a unique routine for eating, sleeping and playing.  The nurturing primary caregiver and parent work together to develop and continually update a  personalized  routine to accommodate each child’s individual needs.  A personal crib is provided for each infant for added comfort and the small child to caregiver ratios allows for plenty of one-on-one attention.

In addition to holding and cuddling the infants, caregivers also continually interact  and play with them to stimulate and encourage mental, sensory and physical development.  Our infant curriculum concepts are based on the achievement of age appropriate developmental milestones.   Tummy time and crawling are introduced when the child is ready to explore. JumpinJax also introduces your child to our infant sign language program to aid in communication.  A detailed summary of the infant’s day along with growth and developmental milestones are recorded and shared with parents daily.


Once JumpinJax infants become steady on their feet and gain some greater independence, they progress to the Toddler program.  Curiosity and the ability to walk and climb leads to a great interest in exploring and discovering. Developing self-awareness, self-esteem and social interests sparks the toddler’s desire to  develop relationships.

Although teachers continue to attend to individual needs, a loosely structured, group atmosphere begins in the Toddler program meeting the children’s need for structure and flexibility.  While physical, emotional, cognitive and motor development are promoted, language and communication development is stressed.  Storytelling, flashcards,  word introduction, talking and singing all assist in building vocabulary.  Sign language education is also continued in the Toddler classroom. Daily communication is provided for parents detailing the events of the toddler’s day.


Curriculum concepts expand as preschoolers gain greater independence and  awareness of positive social behavior.  Recognition of colors, shapes, numbers and letters are educational areas explored though work and play.  Free play allows creativity and imagination to blossom while decision making opportunities take place throughout the day.  Continued  development in vocabulary and expressive language skills are focused on to increase the preschooler’s ability to effectively communicate.

Potty training is an important two year old accomplishment.  Upon showing readiness, the teacher and parents work together to support and encourage the accomplishment of this proud preschool milestone.  Communication between the parents and teacher is ongoing in an effort to keep them all updated on daily progress.


Three year old preschoolers are changing cognitively, socially and emotionally.  They are on their way to mastering many physical skills and begin to work and play cooperatively with peers as a member of a group rather than independently.   Attention span lengthens and focused play and exploration is achieved at this age.

Language and continually developing vocabulary is used to share, communicate and interact  with teachers and friends.  Interest in literacy skills grows through reading and writing.   Fine motor skills are being worked on as well as math and science concepts.  Music and art are especially enjoyed by three year old preschoolers.   Tablets are introduced into the classroom at this age for early learners to use to interact with curriculum friendly computer software. Strides are being made to prepare these preschoolers for their  transition into the Pre-Kindergarten program.


Pre-Kindergarten is an important step in the preparation for Kindergarten success and our experienced and caring teachers help to nurture the physical, cognitive, social and emotional development needed for an easy transition. JumpinJax’ eager and curious Pre-K learners are provided with a strong academic foundation through curriculum lessons in math, literacy, science, social studies and art. Early literacy and math skills are explored daily through letter recognition, letter sounds, improvement in letter development along with counting and number concepts. Physical development in the form of fine and gross motor activities are continued to be strengthened at this level as well. Tablets equipped with age appropriate educational software are also used in the Pre-Kindergarten program.
Upon Pre-Kindergarten Graduation, JumpinJax Early Learners will be well prepared for their journey into Kindergarten and for many years beyond.